Downtown Ozark Revitalization Meeting

Discussion on downtown revitalization took center stage at a public hearing Monday night in Ozark.

Darell Meyer of the KPS consultation group presented many ways he thinks downtown Ozark can be more viable.

His ideas range from removing live oak trees and canopy's in front on storefronts to the creation of committees and better promotion.

The removal of canopy's or awnings has been a heated discussion.

Lou Hennis, a building owner, doesn't like what the canopies do to his building.

"I don't want them leaking in my building. That's my complaint with the canopies more than anything else. It's not as much but that they cause internal water damage," said Hennis.

Mark Blankenship, owns six buildings in downtown Ozark, suggests letting a section of downtown remove their canopies and doing what they want with their buildings.

"Consider business owners or building owners I should say in whatever you decide to do. Try to work with them and give them an opportunity to do what they can," said Blankenship

Meyer says that agreeing on the overall picture of an improved downtown is most important for the future.

The city council will meet this month to discuss the proposal made by Darrell Meyer of KPS.

A decision about whether the awnings and the rest of the plan may not be made at the meeting due to the large number of things that have to be considered.

If you would like to see the proposed plan for revitalizing downtown Ozark visit the city's website at