Armed Robbery

A girl has been shot and two suspects remain on the loose after an armed robbery.

The robbery happened last Thursday night in Jackson County, threatening two victims in their own home.

Miranda Mats and her boyfriend, Jose Jorge, were at home when two males knocked at the door. Jorge was familiar with one of them and let them in.

Once inside, the suspects identified as Lionel Crawford and Anthony Williams pulled handguns and demanded money from the victims, at which point one of the suspects fired a single shot, striking Mats in the arm.

They fled in a black Chevy Z71 truck that was later found abandoned on Mt. Zion Church Road West of Malone. Both are residents of Jackson County and are wanted for home invasion robbery.

Anyone with information on their whereabouts should contact the Jackson County Sheriff's Office at 850-482-9664, or call Crimestoppers at 850-526-5000.

Miranda Moats got immediate treatment at Jackson Hospital Emergency and was released early Friday morning.