New Polling Locations

Some Houston County voters will be going to new polling places when they cast ballots in next month's general election. One will be permanent, the other is only temporary.

Probate Judge Luke Cooley said she found out that renovation work on the Lincoln Youth Center will not be completed by Nov. 5, so voters will not be able to use the building.

Cooley said voters in that precinct will cast their ballots at the East Highland Learning Center a few blocks away on Pryor Street.

Signs will be posted at the Lincoln Center on Election Day, instructing people where to go to vote.

The new polling place will only be temporary and voting in future elections will return to the Lincoln Center, once work is completed.

Voters in Ashford, meanwhile, will be casting their ballots for the first time in a new location. Their polling place has been moved permanently to the Ashford Nutrition Center. Voters in the Ashford area will cast ballots there from now on.