12 Yeard Old Entrepreneur Gets Award Money

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Lettuce, okra, kale and collards; just a sample of the hard work grown from the garden of 12-year-old Austin Daniels.

"The economy is coming down slowly so I'm going to have to make my own money, " says Daniels.

Austin was able to get a $500.00 award through the Youth Entrepreneurship Program of the Alabama Extension System.

"We had a ten week entrepreneurship class where the students learned the basic steps in starting their business, " says Rosalind James, Urban Regional Extension Agent.

The 7th grader at Carver Magnet School says he's always had a green thumb.

"I was growing carrots and i put it down for just one second and somebody stepped on it and i was crying like it was my own, " says Daniels.

And Austin's mom, Trina Walker says when she heard about the chance for Austin to grow his love for gardening into a business, she just added water.

"I said well Austin you know if you own your own business one day you can invest in other businesses. So when I heard about it I said since we are thinking about growing vegetables maybe you can do that as your idea for starting your own business and he jumped right on it he was like ok I can make some money, that's great!" says Walker.

With that., Austin took the class, submitted his proposal and won the money for a business he wants to call, Austin's A-Grade Produce.

"When I got it I was happy because I completed something, " says Daniels.

Thanks to his mom, when it comes to gardening, Austin applies the golden rule.

"She says to treat things like you want to be treated so i treat plants like they are a person".

"I just want him to keep focused and he'll continue to do well, " says Walker.

Austin Daniels is planting seeds now for a healthy harvest in the future.

Austin plans to start selling his fruits and vegetables by November.

Anyone wanting to donate to the Youth Entrepreneurship Program can contact Rosalind James at 334-794-4108.

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