Fire Destroys Family's Home

Tragedy struck a Dothan family Friday morning as their home went up in flames.

When the fire broke out, fire officials say residents were still inside the home and had to fight to get out of the smoke-filled house.

Captain Chris Etheredge, with the Dothan Fire Department said, "She was inside with heavy smoke and the back door is glass; so she had to break it go get out with the baby."

Both the mother and child escaped with only minor injuries; however, their home was left with extensive damage.

Captain Etheredge added, "She did have some Christmas presents inside the house and the family will be displaced, but the American Red Cross did step in to help."

Family members are sad to lose their home during the holiday season, but say they count themselves lucky this time.

The cause of the fire is under investigation; however, fire officials do not suspect arson.

Fire officials say its more common this time of year for fires like this to break out because of holiday lights and decorations.

They are hoping that residents recognize the need for working smoke detectors in every home to keep fires like this from getting out of hand.

The Red Cross helps many families year round when they lose their homes, including the Johnson's today. To donate to the Red Cross, so they can continue to help families in need, you can contact them at 792-9852.

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