Better Leash Laws

Dothan residents may soon need to keep a closer watch on their pets.

Local animal experts are teaming up to construct better leash laws for the safety of animals and citizens.

Chief John Powell with the Dothan Police Department said, "We brought different groups together that are involved in animal care and enforcement, such as Save-a-Pet, also the Humane Society and obviously, the city [needs to] get together and look at the ordinances that are currently on the books and try to come up with ways to try and modify the ordinances."

Some of the changes that are being proposed include keeping cats off the streets as well as dogs, and pet owners having to keep animals on a leash even while being on their own property.

Powell added, "If you're going to take on the responsibility of being a pet owner, there are certain requirements/restrictions that you have to abide by. One of those is that your pet is not running wild; both your cats and your dogs."

Experts from Save-a-Pet believe a low cost spay/neuter program would help keep animal population down, and, reduce the number of animals roaming the streets.

Barbi Nolan, with Save-a-Pet, said, "Enforcement is always an issue; promoting responsible ownership is important, but there really is an issue with animals, homeless animals packing together in our community and to me, that forms an even bigger threat."

There is a rough draft of updated ordinances put together.

The issue will be discussed in the future with the city manager and city commissioners.

If you have any concerns or problems with animals in your neighborhood, you can call Dothan Animal Services at 615-4620.

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