Old Well Search

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Authorities began a search of an old well today after a Griffin resident told police he had killed a man and dumped the body there 27 years ago.

Spalding County officials say John Morgan claimed that when he was 20, he shot a man known as Duck McLendon between the eyes with a .22-caliber rifle in 1977 because McLendon was going to sexually assault him.

Spalding County authorities have no record of the victim or the homicide. But they say they began the search after Morgan passed a lie-detector test and showed investigators the abandoned 60-foot well near where he lived with his parents at the time.

A bulldozer cleared a large area around the well, now just a hole with bricks staggered around its opening, in preparation for excavating human remains. Tony Ranieri, a crime scene investigator, said the search could take two days.

Sgt. Todd Smith, a sheriff's investigator, said no charges have been brought but will be filed if bones or other remains are found.