Wednesday Vacant House Fire Ruled Arson

The Dothan Fire Department and the Dothan Police Department are investigating arson in the case of a house fire on Wednesday morning.

The first fire unit arrived on the scene on West Adams Street four-minutes after the initial report of the fire.

By the time firefighters made it inside of the building, the fire was far too advanced, so the house and neighboring buildings were evacuated.

There are suspects in the case, but the fire department is holding off on particulars as to not compromise the investigation.

Dothan Fire Dept. Asst. Chief Jimmy Ward says, “It takes a fairly brave individual to do something like this during the daytime because of the possibility of having witnesses. That was a busy area next to a major retail store. It's very possible that more than one person could have seen the guy.”

If anyone has information, they are asked to contact the fire department or the police department at 615-3000.

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