Brown's Widow

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The widow of slain Sheriff-elect Derwin Brown is back in court in an effort to get those accused in her husband's death from making a profit.

The civil lawsuit is being heard in Gwinnett County.

The attorney for Phyllis Brown, Steve Leibel, says he and his client do not believe the defendants have much money. But he says they want to make sure to stop any movie, book and media deals. He says if there's any gain in the case, the Brown family should be compensated first.

Phyllis Brown waged an unsuccessful crusade earlier to force DeKalb County government to pay damages for her husband's shooting death in December 2000. Her attorney says Brown was hit 12 times in his driveway.

The lawsuit involves Paul Skyers, who lives in the metro Atlanta area; Patrick Cuffy, who has moved back to the Virgin Islands, and former DeKalb County Sheriff Sid Dorsey, who is serving a life sentence for planning the killing. Cuffy and Skyers were charged as coconspirators and testified under an immunity deal against Dorsey and two other defendants in the Brown's killing.