Houston County School Superintendent

Houston County’s Board of Education has a new superintendent, and last night was his first school board meeting.

Tim Pitchford's first meeting started with presentations from Ashford and Rehobeth Elementary Schools. They presented him and the rest of the board with letters and gifts.

Pitchford said his main priority as superintendent will be student development, specifically higher SAT and ACT scores throughout the county.

Pitchford also wants to continue holding meetings outside school board offices.

He says “we’re going to bring these meetings to the community and hopefully have meetings in each school, in each community, and allow people that would not ordinarily come to a meeting to come and to participate……one of the biggest complaints we have as school officials -- lack of participation.”

Pitchford was the principal of Houston County High School.

January 19, 2005

He won the November election for the position in one of the closest races in county history.