Dale County Schools Overcrowding and Leaking Roofs

Overcrowding and leaking roofs in some Dale County schools is making school board members bump heads about how to spend the money to fix the problems.

G.W. Long is among one of several Dale County Schools that needs improvements.

Principal Bill Robertson says the school is bursting at the seams having to use five portables because there are not enough classrooms.

Dale County Superintendent Philip Parker says Midland City Elementary is also in need of improvements with a leaky roof.

But that business has school board members disagreeing with the way to do so.

Board members felt taking out a loan would be too much money to take on and would leave taxpayers shelling out more cash.

President of Dale County School Boards Fronnie Culverhouse was not at the Monday meeting to vote, but says the money should be used mostly for G.W. Long and Midland City Elementary.

Ariton School also has a portable; however, there is conflicting information about whether the school will have the portable taken out next year or if more will be added due to student growth.

The next school board meeting will be held December 11th.

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