Tornado Hits Panhandle

Just after 7 p.m. Wednesday, authorities said one or more tornadoes tore through Northern Holmes County, Florida.

One funnel cloud caused minor damage in the Bethlehem community and one of Northwest Florida's oldest public schools sustained extensive damage from the storm.

Wednesday night faculty and students were trying to protect what they could from the elements.

The twister ripped century-old trees from the ground. It also tore part of the roof off Popular Springs School, a 75-year-old K through 12th-grade school located about a mile from the Alabama stateline. The ball field bleachers were hurled like Tonka toys some 300 feet.

Damage assessment teams have not yet determined the complete damage. But, one thing for sure, there will be no classes there Thursday.

Nearby residents heard the tornado leave the school before heading toward Geneva County.

Teachers and faculty spent several hours moving computers and expensive software from classrooms where the roof had been torn off.