Alabama Lt. Gov. Candidates

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With Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley considering a run for governor in 2006, one candidate has already announced for her job and many others are eyeing it.

Madison County Commissioner Mo Brooks, a former Republican legislator, said he will definitely run for the job. Others Republican mentioned as possible candidates are state Labor Commissioner Jim Bennett of Montgomery, state Representative Mike Hubbard of Auburn, former Supreme Court Justice Terry Butts of Luverne, and former state Representative Perry Hooper Junior of Montgomery.

John Giles, state president of the Christian Coalition, said he's received encouragement to run as a Republican, but said he's focused on his current job.

On the Democratic side, the race could turn into a rematch of the 2002 Democratic primary for U.S. Senate because former state Auditor Susan Parker and Montgomery attorney Julian McPhillips say they are considering it.

House Majority Leader Ken Guin of Carbon Hill, Senate Majority Leader Zeb Little of Cullman, and state Senator Wendell Mitchell of Luverne say they've been encouraged to run but have made no decision.

The top Democrat in the Alabama Senate, President Pro Tem Lowell Barron of Fyffe, said he's definitely not running for lieutenant governor.