Coffee County Child Support Roundup

Law enforcement began a round-up of suspects at daybreak across Coffee County.

Tony Curtis Burks would be one of 38 suspects' on Coffee County's deadbeat daddy most wanted list.

Authorities say the Elba resident has two warrants, and is way behind on back child support.

Pike/Coffee County District Attorney Personnel, along with sheriff's department deputies would go door-to-door hunting the violators.

Sheriff David Sutton said, "We will go door-to-door. We are looking for 35 to 37 of these dead beat dads. However, you say it, we want to arrest them."

District Attorney Investigator Patrick Norris helped to arrest those on the list. He said to one man, "The reason you are being arrested Tony is because of outstanding child support, do you understand that. You are responsible for paying the child support."

According to Pike/Coffee District Attorney Personnel, it's important to arrest the parents who are outstanding on child support, and warrants.

Assistant District Attorney Tom Anderson added, "It's not just a problem in Coffee County, but circuit wide, statewide, and really across the nation. And we're fixing to do it."

Authorities say they planned the round-up to try and get the negligent parents to meet their child support needs before Christmas.

This is one of several planned round-ups' of deadbeat parents planned across Coffee County.

Violators are urged to contact the District Attorney's Office and work out a payment plan.

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