Commission Votes Against Renewing Mike West Contract

Dothan City Manager Mike West could soon be shopping around for another job.

This morning, in a 5-2 vote, the Dothan City Commission voted not to renew West's contract.

Mayor Pat Thomas and Commissioner Paul Lee voted to extend the contract for two years. Commissioners Newsome, Barbaree, Matthews, Craig and Seagle voted not to renew.

The City Manager's current contract expires in November of 2008.

Under the terms of his current contract, he could decide to remain on the job until that contract expires.

Mayor Thomas stated that the issue could be brought up for discussion at a later date.

Dothan Mayor and Commissions Evalutation of Mike West:

  • Pat Thomas
  • Paul Lee
  • Larry Matthews
  • Amos  Newsome
  • John Craig
  • Keith Seagle
  • Taylor Barbaree

    Statement from Dothan City Commissioner Taylor Barbaree

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