Auburn Trustee

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A panel reviewing 30 names to fill a vacancy on the Auburn University board of trustees expects to select its nominee by February when the Legislature meets.

The five-member trustee selection panel will begin interviews for the at-large vacancy at 8 a.m. Tuesday.

Former Auburn Alumni Association president Golda McDaniel currently holds the seat and hopes to gain another seven-year term. The idea behind at-large seats was to tap out-of-state talent as trustees. However, all three seats are now held by Alabama residents.

The five members of the selection panel include two trustees, two alumni representatives, and Governor Bob Riley's designee, Jim Main, his chief of staff.

If that group doesn't choose McDaniel, there are some major contenders, including Sam Ginn, the wireless phone magnate who gave $25 million to Auburn's engineering school and Carl Mundy, retired commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Others candidates include Time Warner executive Don Logan and Owen Brown, last year's alumni association president.