NRC Special Team Leaves Farley, Increased Oversight Continues

DOTHAN, Ala. (AP) - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said that its additional inspectors have left the Farley Nuclear Plant.

But the agency plans to keep a close watch on the plant after a string of breaker failures raised safety concerns.

Farley officials said they are confident the causes of the failures have been identified and that action has been taken to make sure similar problems don't arise again.

The NRC and Farley managers held a public meeting today to discuss the findings of an Augmented Inspection Team from Atlanta that was sent to examine Farley's equipment and the procedures used to correct and prevent equipment failures.

The special inspection team leader Michael Ernstes said Farley is still operating safely. But he said he was concerned over how the plant determined the cause of some of the equipment failures.

Normally, there are two NRC inspectors assigned full-time to Farley.

The additional oversight means the plant will likely have more inspections. Ernstes said the special inspection team will put out a public report in about two weeks.

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