Flu Shots

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The Alabama Department of Public Health has received an additional 92,000 doses of scarce flu vaccine.

The Health Department plans to hold a second round of clinics to vaccinate high-risk individuals later this month.

The State Health Department had originally received only 60,000 of the 300,000 doses it had requested because of a nationwide vaccine shortage. State Health Officer Don Williamson said Friday his department has now received the additional 92,000 doses.

He says the second round of flu shots will be given at public health clinics across the state on November 16 and November 17. Williamson says the shots will only be given to individuals who are considered high risk.

High risk individuals include people 65 and older, children ages six months to 23 months, persons with chronic medical conditions, women who are pregnant or expect to be pregnant during influenza season, residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities, children on chronic aspirin therapy and health care workers who have direct contact with patients.

He says people whose last name begins with the letters A to K are asked to come on the first day. Individuals whose last name begins with the letters L to Z will be vaccinated on the second day.