Houston County Man Faces Attempted Murder Charge

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A Houston County man is facing attempted murder charges. He is accused of firing at game officers.

Some Henry residents are concerned for the safety of their children.

Elizabeth Thomas visits her grandchildren in Henry County regularly, but an incident that happened Saturday morning has her worried about the safety of her loved ones. She says,"It scares me because if their out playing you know, the bullet could go in anywhere and hit them and make their parents be afraid."

Saturday marked the beginning of hunting season, and the beginning of some worried parents.

Authorities say around nine o'clock Saturday morning they received a call from a man who was hunting off of County Road 90.

Henry County Sheriff Will Maddox "The subject had called Montgomery Department of Wildlife and Fresh Water Fisheries and complained about a deer dog on the property and for an officer to come by and take care of the complaint."

Sheriff Maddox says when the game wardens responded to the location, Mr. Jager was already upset and that’s when he pulled out his weapon and put the officers’ lives in immediate danger.

Maddox says 54-year-old Richard Allen Jager took one shot at the officers and luckily, hit their truck. But it took a while to get him to put his weapon down. "He finally did after some 38 attempts of hollering and screaming at him to put it down,” he explains. “They were able to get him to put it down and they were able to get him into custody."

Maddox says the officers used no weapons to get the situation under control and are very fortunate to walk away without a scratch. "Could have possible been people killed if the officers had not used a lot of restraint in the way they handled the situation,” he says. “I think it came out as best as it could have because no one was hurt."

Elizabeth Thomas is just thankful action has been taken and her loved ones are out of harms way.

Jager made his first court appearance Monday.

He faces two charges of attempted murder on officers.

He is currently in the Henry County Jail with bonds totaling more than $1 million dollars.

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