Dothan City Magnet School Program

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As school officials consider what's best for Dothan City School students, they continue to review feedback from parents, coaches and teachers.

Feedback that told them that parents want to return to Neighborhood Schools and they like the Magnet School Program.

One plan reportedly being considered by school officials is for Montana Magnet School to continue as a Magnet School, but require entrance criteria instead of a lottery for admission.

Carver Magnet School would change to a Neighborhood School with a Magnet Program. And, there is talk of adding the Magnet School concept to each of the middle schools.

Gayla White, member of the Dothan City School Board said, “It raises the bar and challenges the kids to want to be a part of something greater than what they're in now.”

At issue is aligning the schools from grade school to high school so that teachers can plan for students coming through the system and coaches can plan for athletics.

Students can stay with their friends and be challenged by Magnet students within their own school.

White added, “As the kids come up through kindergarten and as parents see them move on, as their friends move on together, I think it will challenge kids [to] say now look at what they're doing, and, I could do that if I just studied a little more, if I did better on a test.”

White also told us that board members hope to reach an agreement on the plans so that they can vote on them during a special meeting on December 10th.

If the board votes to approve the new plans, they could take affect in the 2008 - 2009 school year.

For more detailed information about the plan, you can visit the Dothan City School's website at

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