Wiregrass Area Food Bank in Need of Donations

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This Thanksgiving is shaping up to be one full of disappointment for the Wiregrass Area Food Bank.

With the economy slowing down because of rising costs, many people are choosing to cut corners when it comes to donating to charity.

"The price of groceries and fuel going up has affected people giving. So, when those who can give less and those who need more, we have a difference in the food we have to give out," says Julie Gonzalez of the Wiregrass Area Food Bank.

Food drives have helped bring in some non-perishable goods, but the food bank is still in need of turkeys for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

"Last year at the food bank, we distributed 600 turkeys and this year, [there are] requests for 1200. We can only meet about 500, so there's still a lot of need left in the community," added Gonzalez.

Many organizations throughout the community depend on the food bank to supply them with meals to give out to the hungry throughout the Wiregrass.

Chipola Family Ministry Center Director Fred Cook says, "We're fortunate to be able to come to Dothan, to the food bank to get food. We see about 90 people a week that we have to feed."

The food bank works to prevent families going through tough times from doing without during the holidays so they can work to get back on their feet.

"We're here to help those people who are trying to work but still want to have a nice holiday," said Shirley Henderson of Wiregrass Area Food Bank.

The food bank is already trying to inform the community about their significant food shortage in hopes of encouraging people to give in time for Christmas.

The food bank is hoping to get at least 100 more turkeys by Thanksgiving and another 500 by Christmas.

The deadline to donate turkeys for Thanksgiving is no later than this Wednesday at 3PM.

For more information on how you can help with the food shortage here in the Wiregrass or for directions on where to donate, you can call the Food Bank at 794-9775.

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