Florida Execution

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Serial killer Aileen Wuornos mentioned Jesus and the movie "Independence Day" in her final remarks.

The former prostitute was put to death by injection at a Florida prison Wednesday morning, more than a decade after she killed six men along central Florida highways.

From the execution chamber, Wuornos said she's "sailing with the Rock," and that she would be "back like Independence Day with Jesus, big mothership and all."

The Rock is a biblical reference to Jesus. The movie "Independence Day" features huge alien ships attacking the Earth.

Despite lingering questions about her sanity, Wuornos had dropped her appeals and fired her lawyers.

She had claimed she shot the men in self-defense because they abused her, but later recanted and said she wanted to make peace with God. She once told Florida's Supreme Court she hates human life and would kill again if she could.