Dothan Baby Is Dead

The Houston County Sheriff's Department still has more questions than answers after the death of a four-month-old baby.

Department officials say foul play is suspected.

Around noon Wednesday the Houston County Sheriff's Department and an ambulance were called to a mobile home on Third Avenue.

A four month old baby had reportedly stopped breathing.

After some investigating, law enforcement officials decided that the infant probably didn't die from natural causes but possibly from neglect and abuse.

The victim’s parents, Samuel David Hunter, and Tierra Gobble were arrested on domestic violence charges.

Hunter’s uncle, 41-year-old Edgar Parrish, was arrested for aggravated child abuse.

All three are in the Houston County Jail on a one million dollar cash bond each.

An autopsy began Thursday afternoon and the Houston County Sheriff's Department, says they haven't come to any conclusive decision but they say there were bruises on the baby's head and wrists.