Marooned Cow

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A 250 pound cow marooned on an island in southwest Georgia's Lake Blackshear will be airlifted to greener pastures by a state patrol helicopter.

The Sumter County Sheriff's Department has been faced with two options: try to rescue the cow by boat today, and run the risk of falling into the chilly lake, or waiting for another day for the helicopter.

Sheriff's Lt. Andy King, who is responsible for the rescue, opted for the chopper.

The cow apparently waded to the island several weeks ago when Blackshear's water level was lowered so that lakeside residents could work on their docks. When the water level rose, the cow found itself stranded.

King said deputies have to act quickly because the lake level is still climbing and the island will be submerged in a few days.

State Patrol helicopters don't usually haul cows. But spokesman Larry Schnall said the patrol's aviation unit will make an exception to save the life of an animal. He says the cow will probably ride in a harness or basket beneath the helicopter.