Florala Shooting Update

Officials are saying the shooting of a Florala man by Covington County sheriff's deputies appears to be justified. The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is still looking into the shooting death of 47-year-old Aron Shaw.

Preliminary reports indicate Shaw was resisting arrest for domestic complaints and officials had to use force to get him in the police car. Shaw then allegedly somehow got a hold of a policeman's tazer gun and used it on an officer. Officers then reportedly shot Shaw.

Two officers were taken to an area hospital where they were later released.

A source close to the investigation says, on the surface, the shooting appears to be justified. That’s what News 4 is getting from officials about this case.

But, most witnesses say excessive force was used on Shaw. A group of concerned citizens met Friday night in Florala where it all began. There is major concern in the Florala neighborhood where Shaw was originally apprehended as residents and law enforcement have conflicting stories about what happened.

From what resident's have said, there has been ongoing racial tension between the citizens and law enforcement in this Florala community for generations. It is alleged that beatings and unjust arrests are a frequent occurrence, and that is why residents gather once a week to try and help solve this problem.

About 15 witnesses claim that Shaw was originally apprehended outside his home on Martin Luther King Avenue, where he owns almost half of the block.

Eyewitnesses say he was handcuffed and beaten by three policemen until thrown in the back of a police cruiser for a ride to jail in Andalusia. But, what could have possibly happened on Highway 55 that would force the police to pull over in Lockhart, and eventually lead them to shoot him on the side of the road is anybody's guess.

That is one of the many questions for which residents want answers, but are not getting any response from law enforcement.

The meeting brought together about 80 people in the neighborhood, as well as the newly elected Florala mayor. This weeks meeting will include the Montgomery Chapter of the NAACP.