Major Drug Kingpin Arrested in Samson

Geneva County Sheriff Greg Ward says his investigators have taken a drug kingpin off the streets.

Geneva County sheriff investigators and Samson Police raided a home on Bay Street. They would take Early Lamar into custody.

Sheriff Greg Ward says the 54-year-old suspect has played a key role in supplying crack cocaine to smaller distributors across the Wiregrass and Florida Panhandle.

Sheriff Ward said, "It makes us feel a little better getting this man off the streets. Personally, I would like to see him not beat us back to the house, keep his bond high so he doesn't go back to his trade."

Sheriff's Department Narcotics Investigator Annie Henderson spear-headed the six-month investigation. It included drug buys and that in turn will lead to additional arrests in coming days and weeks.

The Samson Police Department was involved in Friday morning's raid. They hope it'll cut down on crack business here and surrounding areas.

Chief Gary Weeks said, "It's not just in Samson, it's in Florida. It's in Alabama. We're attacking the problem with the assistance of the sheriff's department."

Authorities feel that today's raid will seriously cut down on the crack cocaine trade in Western Geneva and the contiguous counties in Florida and Alabama.

Tonight, Lamar is being held in the Geneva County Jail on a $350,000 dollars bond.

He is charged with two counts of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

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