Update: Cocaine Bust Did Not Occur in Barbour County

Thursday, News 4 reported that the drug bust happened in Barbour County. It actually happened more than 100-miles from the Wiregrass in the city of Oxford.

Oxford is located on Interstate 20 in Calhoun County, Alabama.

News 4 spoke with Barbour County Chief Deputy Eddie Ingram Friday and he cleared the misunderstanding for us.

Chief Deputy Eddie Ingram, with the Barbour County Sheriff's Office said, "The confusion in this case came from when it was put out there that we made the traffic stop and seizure, which Barbour County sheriffs deputies did. We were asked not to disclose the location of this arrest so that the follow up investigation could occur."

Thursday, we reported Barbour County deputies made one of the largest cocaine busts to-date in that county.

Deputies did pull over the truck were the drugs were hidden. However, it was not in their jurisdiction.

Ingram said, "We were in Oxford, Alabama assisting the MR Drug Interdiction Program where I was training a unit up there when this occurred."

Ingram says the bust happened in Calhoun County on Interstate-20 about three and a half miles off U.S. Highway 431. "We were just one of the few agencies involved, like I said Barbour County sheriffs department, where the confusion comes in, we made the traffic stop and we made the seizure."

Ingram says because Barbour County officials made the stop they will receive a percentage of the funds that comes from the drug bust. 'We'll probably end up here in Barbour County with about 20 percent; [that’s] what it normally is and take 20% of a million dollars,” he explained.

Oxford Police Chief Bill Partrich says there was actually 46-kilos of cocaine, worth about $6 million dollars on the street.

He says his county will receive money from the truck that was confiscated as well as a portion of the money that was seized from the bust.

Partridge says the case is still under investigation. However, he did tell us his agency is working with the feds on the case.

The Associated Press is reporting the name of the driver of the truck that was seized during the bust.

He is identified as 37-year-old Artenio Garcia Flores.

Investigators say he's an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

He is being held in the Oxford City Jail on a million dollars bond.

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