Body Investigation Leads

The Geneva County Sheriff's Department has a new lead in the investigation of the body found earlier this week.

Authorities are hoping medical information about the body and personal items found may help identify the body.

The sheriff's department hopes this unusual ring will help them identify the victim.

It was found on the victim's hand.

In addition, several other pieces of jewelry were found.

Authorities say the victim is a woman between 55 and 70-years-old.

A resident found the victim's body lying underneath garbage bags and other debris on Monday morning.

The rural location is along the Geneva/Coffee Countyline, close to Kinston.

Sheriff Greg Ward says his investigators are checking hospitals and other cancer treatment facilities.

The dead woman apparently had been undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer.

Authorities have not released the cause of death, but say she was five-feet-five and most likely in her early 60's.

She had salt-and-pepper hair, and her left leg had previously been broken.

If you may know who the victim is, contact your nearest law enforcement agency.

Police don't believe she's from the Wiregrass area.