Car Break-Ins

It’s the holiday season and that means many of us will be shopping in the next few weeks. Your belongings may be safe in your home, but what about your car?

Car break-ins are becoming a crime of opportunity here in Dothan? Just to put this in perspective, in all of 2001, 97 cars were broken into in the city of Dothan. But just in the past six weeks, 94 cars have been hit.

Morning, noon or night, you can be a victim.

On Friday, Saturday, Sunday afternoon shopping leads to overflow parking around the mall and that leads to more opportunities for car break-ins.

At one point, there was a certain type of car that thieves would target; now it's any car because of simple mistakes shoppers make.

Because folks don't think that crime is really that big a deal in the area, they leave windows down, sunroofs open and purses or wallets on the front seat.

Dothan police say 26-year-old Kenneth Wayne Reed was a major force in vehicle theft. He was recently arrested and charged with eight separate break-ins. Corporal Reeves of the Dothan Police Department says we can't put car theft past anyone, especially during the holidays.

Report any suspicious behavior you may see, individuals walking up and trying door handles.

Police say some robbers are watching daycare centers and are having little trouble getting hold of the loot when mothers leave their cars unlocked and running while they pick up or drop off their kids.

If you would like more information on how to prevent car thefts, call the Dothan Police Department at (334) 615-3640.