Videotaped Beating

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The woman caught on videotape beating her daughter said now that she's seen it, she looks like a monster and it makes her feel sick.

But Madelyne Gorman Toogood continues to insist she's not a monster -- just someone who lost her temper and made a bad mistake. She appeared with her lawyer on CBS's "The Early Show."

Toogood said it's the worst moment of her life.

Lawyer Steven Rosen said Toogood will plead innocent at her arraignment Monday in Indiana.

He said that's a formality and his client admits to what the videotape shows. Rosen said he hopes it's a wake-up call to other parents, who need to know there are consequences for child abuse.

Prosecutor Chris Toth said the state's main concern is the four-year-old girl's safety. He said the incident sickened everyone. The girl is with a foster family.