Sales Tax Proposed to Rebuild Tornado Damaged Schools

A possible sales tax increase in Enterprise was first introduced Tuesday night.

The proposal comes after the city school system discovered they are almost $40 million dollars short of the funding they need to build two new schools.

Enterprise Mayor Kennith Boswell said, "We're approaching on a cautious basis. We are gonna’ bring in professionals to help with decisions and come up with a good answer in the end."

One answer the school system proposes is a tax increase.

If the one-cent sales tax did become necessary, it would affect both residents and businesses like Big Lots and Rue 21 alike.

Sassy Sisters Business Owner Linda Spence said, "My heart is with the schools, but I'm concerned about what it might do to people’s pocketbooks; things are already tight economically."

Tax Payer Adkison Andrew said, "I think it's too high right now anyway."

"We pay too much for taxes already and a one-percent sales tax increase will hurt the economy and residents," said William Ayre, another Enterprise taxpayer.

City officials are in the beginning stages of coming up with a way to raise the needed funds and right now, are working in conjunction with the school system on a compromise.

Mayor Boswell added, "At this point, no one is working against one another. We're working as a team toward a common goal of building a nice facility for school children to get back into."

Some of the proposed ways to raise the revenue include downsizing the current school plans, a bond issue, or the most controversial, a tax increase.

Enterprise has a five-year plan in place, but that plan does not call for a tax increase.

However, officials say if a tax increase is the best way to raise the money, they will have no choice but to consider that option.

The tax increase will be discussed by both the school board and the city council in two weeks.

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