Gas Leak Forces Fort Rucker Child Development Center Evacuation

Workers and children at Fort Rucker Child Development Center were bussed to the hospital after a gas leak scare.

A little before 8:00AM Wednesday, at Fort Rucker’s Child Development Center, workers reported a gas smell from inside the center. Soon, two groups were on separate busses going toward Enterprise and Ozark hospitals.

"Approximately 52 children and child care workers themselves were transported to area medical centers for evaluation," said Lisa Eichhorn of Public Affairs.

Ninety-two people in total were sent to be checked on; 52 of them went to Enterprise Medical Center, where teams were waiting for them to arrive.

Medical Center Enterprise CEO Jeff Brannon said, "Everyone is being triaged through currently, but it appears that everyone is stable through a physical point of view."

What started this incident turned out to be a failed valve on a gas line outside of the building where a fence was being constructed.

Officials say the construction did not cause the leak; the valve was the cause and the more exposure, the more symptoms, meaning workers were most affected.

"Our early reports were more that mainly the workers that were in the CDC early this morning had some symptoms, but the children have been transported,” said Eichhorn.

Fort Rucker officials were quick to thank those at Dale County and Enterprise Medical Centers for their fast action, even though there were no serious injuries.

Repair crews have fixed the valve issue, and the child development center has been reopened.

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