Rising Fuel Prices Cause Cutbacks on Paving Projects

The rising cost of fuel is expected to cause a severe cutback on several local paving projects.

James King has been living along Coffee County Road 422 in the Basin Community since the mid-1970's.

Over the last 35-years, King says the pavement has deteriorated to a dangerous point. He voiced his concerns before the County Commission. "It doesn't make any sense to me,” he said. “They will come around here and try to patch it up, and really it only makes the situation worse"

The skyrocketing price of fuel has had a dramatic impact on the cost of pavement. Local and state resources are drying-up rapidly.

Coffee County Commissioner Robert Stephens said, "We have to pay out of county funds, and it is quickly drying up. We need to continue to look for federal revenue sources to fill the need.”

Local officials say they'll continue to look for federal revenue sources to help repaving projects across Coffee County:

Chairman Tom Grimsley of the Coffee County Commission said, "It’s a real problem. The current amount stays the same, but the cost continues to go up. We'll have to watch."

King says he and his neighbors believe it's only a matter of time before the poor road condition causes a serious accident.

In two-weeks, state officials are expected to assess the extent of the paving problem on rural roads in Coffee County.