Bone Marrow Awareness and Transplant

A local community is taking charge and raising full awareness about bone marrow transplants.

It’s like clockwork for Gene Lasiter; hop in the chair and extend your arm, forearm up. "I've been donating blood for over 30 years,” he says. “It’s a good feeling, it never goes away."

But, what’s different this time is the blood that Gene gives today could potentially lead him to save a life. "It’s all apart of the blood donation process,” he says. “When you get down to it, bone marrow is where your blood comes from."

And, it especially hits home to Gene and employees at Computer Science Corp in Daleville because one of their own is fighting for her life each day.

"We're having it in honor of one of our own CSC, she was diagnosed with Lukemia back in July,” CSC Employee Michelle Williams said. “So, we are doing our very best to get as many people out and join the bone marrow registry."

Williams has helped put together the Bone Marrow Drive at CSC and says the process is quick and simple. "It's a swab of the mouth literally, with a Q-Tip and they send the swab out to the Marrow Foundation."

Williams adds the recovery rate of the donor only lasts about a week, which has a way to fade away in peoples minds when they know they have just saved another persons life.

The drive continues until Wednesday night until 6PM.

If you would like more information on how to become a bone marrow donor, CLICK HERE.

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