NRC Increases Oversight of Second Reactor at Farley Plant

DOTHAN, Ala. (AP) - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced an increase in the level of oversight on the Unit One reactor at the Farley Nuclear Power Plant near Dothan.

The move comes less than two weeks after the agency increased oversight on the plant's Unit Two reactor.

Roger Hannah, an NRC spokesman, said the increased oversight means the plant will get at least one additional inspection on Unit One. But he stressed that the plant is still operating safely.

Under the NRC reactor oversight process, there are four levels of safety significance. A "white finding" is the second lowest level of safety concern.

The NRC issued a "white finding" on Unit One because of a service water pump breaker failure in August. A recent inspection led the NRC to issue another "white finding" on Unit 1 because of a failure of breakers in the component cooling system.

On November 1st, a "yellow finding" was issued for the plant's Unit Two reactor. The "yellow" finding is the next-to-worst level in the NRC's color coding system.

The two "white findings" for Unit One and the "yellow finding" for Unit Two mean the two reactors are now under the same level of NRC oversight.

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