Halloween Costumes

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No matter what kids choose to be for Halloween, parents are likely to be scared by the price for that costume.

According to the National Retail Federation Spider-Man is this year's most popular costume, followed by princess, witch, vampire and monster.

However, gone are the days when a drugstore mask and some old clothes would do. Analysts say parents are more time-strapped than ever before so it's easier to just buy one.

And that'll cost them. Prices for a Spider-Man costume range from $17 at K-Mart to up to $70 at specialty stores. And adult costumes cost even more.

Halloween is the sixth-largest spending holiday, with an estimated three billion dollars to be spent this year.

Top 10 Halloween costumes for 2004 based on a survey of consumers conducted between Aug. 31-Sept. 8 for the National Retail Federation.

  • 1. Spiderman
  • 2. Princess
  • 3. Witch
  • 4. Vampire
  • 5. Monster
  • 6. SpongeBob
  • 7. Ninja
  • 8. Athlete
  • 9. Ghost
  • 10. Power Rangers