Assembly Controversy

An assembly at Dothan High School called "Girl Talk" is creating a great deal of "talk" regarding the appropriateness of some of the material used.

The Future Teachers of America Club sponsored the program, which dealt with things like self-esteem, respect, dress code and even sexual conduct. But, one of those handouts in particular has not gone over very well.

It’s called a “Young Girls' Guide To Being A Lady.”

Here are just three of the 18 points included:

“Do arrive to class on time; punctuality is a sign of beauty.”

“Do speak softly, actually there's no other way for a lady to speak.”

And the one that has created the most controversy, “Don't speak in a loud manner, girls are to be seen, not heard.”

News 4 spoke with some students and they said this particular handout offended them. One student said she was offended because she was pulled out of Physics Class to participate in this kind of assembly.

The material included pointers on respect and consideration and was initiated by students because they're concerned about some apparent discipline problems at Dothan High. But, some said it actually made them feel disrespected.

The students say they agree that discipline and even hygiene issues should be addressed at the school, but they say this particular handout was offensive to them.