Crime Spree

A crime spree began a couple of months ago involving a video rental chain and motels.

The Video Warehouse Movie Rental chain has been hit by robbers four times in the past few weeks. The most recent heist happened Wednesday night in Troy. Two masked men with guns fled empty-handed when employees set off an alarm. Video Warehouse locations in Phoenix City, Dothan and Columbus, Georgia have also been robbed.

The company is offering a $5,000 reward to bring the suspects to justice.

Motels have also been targets of the crime spree. Police said more than a dozen hold-ups in a half-dozen cities from Albany, Georgia to Montgomery have also been committed since early August.

Houston County District Attorney Doug Valeska is asking Gov. Don Siegelman for an extra $5,000 in reward money.

Dothan police are convinced the crimes are related and they're working with other agencies to solve the case.