Florida Backs Away From Latest Deal in Water War with Ga., Ala.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Florida is backing away from a temporary truce to settle a long-standing water war with Georgia and Alabama.

Florida's environmental protection chief says in a letter to federal officials that the state opposes an arrangement in which the Army Corps of Engineers would cut river flows into Florida and Alabama to capture more water for Georgia.

The letter says the plan would irreparably damage Florida's environment and fisheries industry.

The governors from the three states are working toward completing a longer-term pact by February 15th.

Crist's deputy chief of staff Eric Eikenberg says the state reached its decision after taking a closer look at the proposal.

Even though the planned flow reductions were just one part of what others saw as a fragile compromise, he says he doesn't think Florida's opposition will undercut negotiations among the states.

The next governors' meeting is set for mid-December in Tallahassee.

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