City School Board Meeting

The Dothan School Board held a meeting and covered a lot less than what was originally on the agenda.

The members on the board were supposed to review Superintendent Hobbs' contract based on his most recent evaluations, but that issue was dismissed last night shortly after the meeting started.

One of the members of the school board was unable to attend the meeting and requested that the issue be postponed because of this.

So the most pressing issue for the board ended up revolving around the C.I.T.Y. Program, which has been requesting support for a new building for quite a while now.

The building at issue does not meet fire code; it is infested with termites and is hardly in any condition to provide counseling to the public.

Superintendent Hobbs has been cooperating with the program to provide funding, but for some reason, the money is not there.

Now the program that has helped so many people throughout Houston County is having trouble finding their own help.

The C.I.T.Y. Program is known to turn eight out of 10 lives around through counseling with both parents and kids since 1970.