Veteran's Day at Fort Rucker

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As many woman and men are overseas make the ultimate sacrifice, many in our area are paying tribute to them and expressing their gratitude.

It was a day to commemorate and also remember those who have fallen in the line of duty.

Veteran Sam MacMaster said, "It makes me feel proud of our country and our veterans; the fact that so many people come together to recognize all those that served, I think it’s important. We should never forget."

MacMaster served in the military for 33 years and was one of many at Ft. Rucker celebrating Veteran's Day.

Military men and women gathered to honor those who have made the commitment and sacrifices for our freedom.

Richard Beckinger, 1st Aviation Brigade Commander said, "It’s a chance to feel proud of what you do for our nation. If you're a member of the Armed Forces to recall and honor those who have served before us."

Beckinger was the guest speaker at the ceremony and says it’s times like these that really make you stop and think about what many men and women are going through each day.

"It’s a time to pause and reflect on what they've done for us, what their doing as we speak," Beckinger said.

For all military, it was a day to feel proud and know that they’re not only serving their country, but their fellow neighbor.

Military men and women celebrated a little early this year, Veterans Day is officially celebrated next Monday.

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