New Brockton Annual Christmas Parade Preparations Underway

At this week's New Brockton Town Council Meeting, a special appeal was made for area residents to volunteer in making the city a shining beacon in the Wiregrass.

Months of planning each December results in New Brockton's Annual Downtown Christmas Parade.

In a major cornerstone in efforts to bring new life to the downtown district, the city council is asking for residents to take just a few hours to donate to their friends and neighbors.

City Council Member Vicky Harrison said, "We have dinner theater and all kinds of events scheduled for next year. We are not necessarily saying you must be from New Brockton, but that your heart is in New Brockton."

Alisa McWaters and her husband own a small thrift shop called the New Brockton This & That. The spirit of neighbor helping neighbor made them decide to invest their time and savings in the community. "We know each other,” she said. “We try and shop here to help business in the area; the next closest towns being Enterprise and Elba."

In New Brockton, they say come for the day, stay for a lifetime.

That’s the way it is in central Coffee County.

New Brockton Florist Melinda Moore said, "We're here with a common spirit. And we try and help each other out. That is what makes our town so great."

Those interested in helping the town during the upcoming Christmas season should drop by City Hall to see what needs to be done.