Skeletal Remains Update

Police are still investigating the skeletal remains that were found near Flowers Hospital.

The bones were found off Artis Court near the intersection of Whately Drive and John D. Odom Road.

The Dothan Police Department still doesn't know who the victim is.

Late last year construction workers were clearing a wooded area for an office park when they made a grisly discovery, human remains

The Dothan Police Department has made a small dent into what may be an even bigger case, identifying this person.

They are using the expertise of Louisiana State University's Forensic Anthropology Department, which is known for building detailed clay-like profiles from skeletal remains based on dental records.

However, this victims remains were so badly decomposed, that finding out who she is may be indefinite.

It was originally believed that the remains belonged to a black female, but the victim is a white female of Asian or Native American descent.

Police say the victim appears to be between 25 and 38 years old and about 5 feet 1 to 5 inches tall.

If you have any information in this case, call the Dothan Police Department at 334-615-3604.