Collier Firing

John Collier will no longer be captain at the Dothan Police Department. He was terminated after 26 years of service.

Erika Kurre reports that Collier has been let go following an in-depth internal investigation, but details surrounding his termination have still not been released.

He had been with the police department since 1978. Then about a month ago, unspecific allegations were filed against him. These claims triggered an internal affairs investigation.

The Dothan Police Department and City Manager Mike West have been working closely on the case. And after almost three decades of service, he filed for retirement.

Shortly after, Collier was put on administrative leave with pay.

His last day at work before retiring was supposed to be this coming Saturday, Dec. 4. But his tenure ended early Friday morning, the day after Thanksgiving, when Mike West informed Collier of the final decision to let him go.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding Collier's termination.

Collier officially retired this past Saturday, the day after he was fired.

News 4 is expecting to find out exactly what happened Tuesday.