Dothan Schools Exercise Initiative

Dothan City Schools are kicking off a new initiative to help 4th and 5th graders shed those unwanted pounds.

The new exercise program will be part of everyday curriculum and the program is geared toward making students healthy for life.

Instructor Wanda Violet said, "There's an epidemic and its obesity and our children are overweight and not healthy. When they aren't they can't learn."

Dothan City Schools is now partnering with several public and private groups to encourage kids to make healthier decisions and in turn, improve their overall health.

Grandview Elementary School Teacher Amy Faulk said, "You want them to apply what they learn in school to life and be life long learners because being healthy is important."

The school system has been working to make it easier for students to be healthier for several years now, and feels this new program is one more step in the right direction.

Dothan Schools Superintendent Dr. Sam Nichols said, "We've taken unhealthy snacks out, increased physical opportunities and we're seeing an increase in test scores."

Faulk added, "It's a way to reach all learners, [because] not everyone can learn sitting down."

Dothan City Schools are one of only a few schools around the state to be chosen for the in-school exercise initiative.

If you would like more information on the exercise initiative you can log on to their website at

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