Search for Location of New Southwest Park Continues

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The City of Dothan has created another search committee to find land for a new southwest park.

Four months, over 1000 acres of land in Dothan have been looked over and countless hours have been invested into a search for a new park by Leisure and Recreation Board members. The search is on to find a land for a new southwest park in Dothan.

"In the past, there were three different properties; [they] were brought to us, [with] 150 acres and a little more; we feel uncomfortable with that amount of land," said Commissioner Paul Lee of District 3.

According to the mayor and other commissioners, the lots of land that were selected the last time around, were simply too large, coming in at sizes between 120 and 150 acres. The city now is searching for areas between 60 and 90 acres, to house its new park and possibly a new senior center.

District 4 Commissioner John Craig said, "We must place an emphasis on a senior center at this new park or somewhere else in the City of Dothan that is suitable for it."

The committee is headed by Commissioner Lee; the other members are Commissioner Craig along with Commissioner Barbaree, as well as recreation board members and Dothan American League President Bruce Sellers.

The group hopes smaller sizes will mean more possible locations, creating competition and dropping prices.

As for the other locations, the owners will need to sell them to someone else.

The site committee is expected to report to the commission within 60 to 90 days.

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