New Capital Memorial Honors Dead from Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Several hundred proud relatives and friends gathered at the state Capitol for the unveiling of a new memorial honoring 92 men and women killed in the war on terrorism.

The large memorial includes a picture and the names of each person killed

As the war continues, there's room on the memorial to add more names.

The memorial was placed in the old Supreme Court chamber, near the Capitol's main entrance. Governor Bob Riley said he hopes the hundreds of school children who visit the historic building pause to look at the memorial.

The memorial was unveiled in a solemn ceremony that included the reading of all 92 names, with a quiet drum roll in the background and the ringing of a bell after each name.

When the last name was read, a bugler broke into a chilling rendition of "Taps" as mothers and fathers hugged each other and some used handkerchiefs to dry wet eyes.

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