Non-profit Groups Fundraiser at Peanut Festival

Besides all the fun the Peanut Festival brings every year it also brings money to non-profit groups who need it badly.

Northview High School's band boosters hope to raise 20,000 dollars this year.

"The funds we raise here pay for busing, also helps pay for new instruments, maintenance, we were able to help out last year with their band trip for all their hard work for the end of the year.” says Pam Hester, president of Northview Band Booster Club.

Bible Way Church is raising money to construct a new building. They offer foods from pork chops to sweet potato pie.

Natosha Register says, "It's been great, great lines extending from the cash register on back. Its constant business people at the Peanut Festival know us by name they come, the workers they come, and we are getting to know them by name because they are here every year waiting for this good food."

The Dothan fFireman Relief fund depends heavily on money raised at the festival every year for firefighters and families in need.

Firefighters say they enjoy spending time with the people that come and visit.

"Of course the kids love to come by and see the firefighters. We enjoy it because we see the same people year in and year out. We get to meet people, greet people. We have return customers. Been doing it for 25-26 years and believe it or not we see people today we saw 25-26 years ago," says Phillip Prince.

Most groups say they don't have a target money goal that they shoot for every year.

Bible Way Church workers say they have reached the 10,000 dollar mark and all proceeds go to the building of their new church.

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