Offering Classes for Teen Drivers

The Dothan Police Department is planning to offer driving classes to area teenagers.

There are numerous options when it comes to teaching teens how to drive; high schools offer Drivers Ed courses and there are classes private instructors provide for teens as well.

However, it's not often that the officers, who enforce traffic rules, would be able to teach new drivers.

Chief John Powell, with the Dothan Police Department said, "We appreciate the commission; collectively working together to help us with this program. We need to educate our young drivers, make them more aware because as the streets get more crowded, the situation gets more dangerous."

The idea is to instruct teens in vehicles that belong to the families, hoping to teach young people in the vehicles that they themselves will drive, putting them in a natural situation.

Spectra Care does training, but it is a classroom training session that is a court referral course to those who may have already been involved in a traffic incident.

This program is designed to stop accidents before they happen.

There has been some question as to the safety of the vehicles that people bring in, but Chief Powell assured the mayor on Tuesday, that that wouldn't be a problem. "There are some cars that I wouldn't get in, but I wouldn't want the police getting in those cars,” he said. “If they're unsafe when they come in, not only will they be given a citation, but the vehicle will not be used for the class.”

The City Commission will vote on the police training program at its meeting next Tuesday.

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