Pike County Hands-On Education

High school students are learning new skills that could help them once they step into the real world.

Students in Pike County are taking part in a number of hands on academies that are helping them learn "real life" skills to help further them after high school.

Student Josh Blyth said, "It helps you in life, life skills; you can learn a lot to carry you on after high school."

Josh is involved in one of five hands on academies offered in Pike County, taking part in activates such as welding to agriculture.

Students spend half the day at their high school and the other half at a facility that offers the programs.

Troy-Pike Center for Technology Principal Dr. Al Griffin said, "What we use is we use a blended approach, where we blend academic core requirements in conjunction with a high tech skill that is being taught."

Dr. Griffin says the program allows the kids do better in class and gives them the initiative to graduate and continue their education. "It amazes me to go to our manufacturing academy and see the children taking algebra two and algebra three and their actually applying those hands on skills and enjoying themselves and making better grades," he said.

Dr. Griffin says 60 to 75 percent of the students who go through the academy are college bound if not already working in the field they specialized in.

Another great thing about the academy is that students at Pike County High School have opened a full operating bank there and are the ones running it.

Dr. Griffin says there is no cost to attend the academy; however, students have to pay a small fee for supplies.

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